Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sublimation on glitter

Going to try again and sublimate on to glitter. Learned so much from the first two times, looking forward to doing this. I found on Pinterest a site where you can get a years worth of truck designs for the different seasons. After downloading the designs I  took the Easter one and started adding the colors. I was taking the same design and just flipping things around and changing the colors so the  granddaughters did not have the exact same shirts.

While doing this I realized since the truck design is a  cut file there were cut marks I did not want on the finished product. This would have messed  up the cutting  and lining up of the design. So I made sure to have no cut lines except for around  the entire truck.   It took a couple tweaks and paying attention but, I  was able to get just cut lines around the truck no where else.

I first cut out the white glitter, then we tacked it to the shirts.  From there we printed out  the Easter truck design and used the Silhouette Cameo to  cut around the truck.  Then hubby lined up the sublimation design on top of the glitter and pressed them. These worked and looked really cute so  happy how turned out. The glitter really shines through.  I really like the way the colors look.

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