Monday, April 3, 2017

Sublimation on canvas

This is my husband's project he wanted to try sublimation on canvas.  We purchased from Conde Systems the special canvas needed to do this.   At Hobby Lobby we found the wood needed to  make our frame so we did not have to order them through Conde.

He took the photo he wanted using the sublimation printer he did a mirror image. From there he took the paper and canvas and lined them up and pressed it.   After this  is took the canvas image and attached it to the frame.  The cool part about this is the canvas wraps around the frame and you staple to the back.  Was so happy not only how the photo turned out but, what photo he used.

The first photo is after it was printed on  the sublimation paper, it is mirror image.
 Second photos is after it was printed on the canvas and he is lining it up on the frame to make sure it is centered and how it should be before he attaches it to the frame.
 This last photo shows the completed project.  This photo really does not do it justice not only that but, my walls are not that green they are more blue green.  This photo was taken when we went to Italy October 2016

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