Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lava earrings

I recently order a Chakra bracelet with lava stones. It arrived and is just so pretty. Problem is I have a small wrist. I seen where the thread had been tied and I gentle untied it and took off four lava stones.Once I tied it back, I thought it would work but now it was too tight.  I decided to go and get some of this stretch magic stuff people use to make jewelry.  I also purchase some sterling silver dangle earrings.  The plan was to restring the bracelet putting back two of the four stones. 

Then I wanted to make earrings with  the two that were left. I really thought I purchased earrings that I could open the bottom  and just slide the lava stone on. Nice in theory but,the stone was too big. I actually broke on earring trying to do this. Lucky for me I had picked up a pack that had two pairs in it.

In the middle of the night I figured out an idea; I recently picked up a container of craft buttons. So I took out two black craft buttons some magic thread and I threaded the button and the stone together after the button was attached to the earring. I am so thrilled how they turned out. I show everyone.

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