Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lava earrings

I recently order a Chakra bracelet with lava stones. It arrived and is just so pretty. Problem is I have a small wrist. I seen where the thread had been tied and I gentle untied it and took off four lava stones.Once I tied it back, I thought it would work but now it was too tight.  I decided to go and get some of this stretch magic stuff people use to make jewelry.  I also purchase some sterling silver dangle earrings.  The plan was to restring the bracelet putting back two of the four stones. 

Then I wanted to make earrings with  the two that were left. I really thought I purchased earrings that I could open the bottom  and just slide the lava stone on. Nice in theory but,the stone was too big. I actually broke on earring trying to do this. Lucky for me I had picked up a pack that had two pairs in it.

In the middle of the night I figured out an idea; I recently picked up a container of craft buttons. So I took out two black craft buttons some magic thread and I threaded the button and the stone together after the button was attached to the earring. I am so thrilled how they turned out. I show everyone.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Gift bags

I needed a gift bag for the bath bombs.  Just like cards I do not make these very often.  I don't have large  paper the biggest I have is 12x12 plus, I do not have a big cutter. I had a cute design from the Silhouette store and decided to use that. It turned out really cute and all problem was they are little bags and the bath bombs would not all fit.  The best solution was to just make a second one and put two in each one.  This worked out great, we put some string through the holes and then wrapped and marked the bath bombs so she would know what scents she was given. Doing these bags made me want to get some larger paper to make bigger bags.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bath Bombs

We attend a yoga studio four times  a week. Each class is different and each instructor is different. We just found out there will  be some changes  and this young lady that teaches on Monday nights is leaving. So I wanted to do something for her. I decided to make some bath bombs. Here is a link to the recipe that I used.

In reading this they gave tips on coloring the Epsom salt and either mixing with the rest of the mixture or sprinkling in the bottom of the mold which would end up being the top of the design. I used two essential oils for each batch. I cannot for the  life of me remember both, I did label them when I wrapped them. Since they were gifts I do no have them anymore.   I made rose shaped ones, I colored the salt red  and lime green.  Even after mixing and letting it sit before mixing everything together it  the colors still blended.  One of the scents used was lavender along with one other scent, for the rose shaped. For the other flower shape I used peppermint along with another that I cannot remember.

First pick is the start  of the bath bomb mix

 This photo is the Epsom salt after the coloring is added.

 For the second batch, I colored the Epsom salt then  I added just the blue colored salt to the mix.
 Here the first batch is in the rose  silicone mold drying. This has the red and lime colored salt.

 For the second batch I took the yellow colored Epsom salt and sprinkled it on the bottom of the molds.  Which will be  the top of the flowers once they are dried and released.
Here is a photo of the finished bath bombs.  Love how they look and smell.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sublimation on glitter

Going to try again and sublimate on to glitter. Learned so much from the first two times, looking forward to doing this. I found on Pinterest a site where you can get a years worth of truck designs for the different seasons. After downloading the designs I  took the Easter one and started adding the colors. I was taking the same design and just flipping things around and changing the colors so the  granddaughters did not have the exact same shirts.

While doing this I realized since the truck design is a  cut file there were cut marks I did not want on the finished product. This would have messed  up the cutting  and lining up of the design. So I made sure to have no cut lines except for around  the entire truck.   It took a couple tweaks and paying attention but, I  was able to get just cut lines around the truck no where else.

I first cut out the white glitter, then we tacked it to the shirts.  From there we printed out  the Easter truck design and used the Silhouette Cameo to  cut around the truck.  Then hubby lined up the sublimation design on top of the glitter and pressed them. These worked and looked really cute so  happy how turned out. The glitter really shines through.  I really like the way the colors look.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter card

I recently purchased a Xyron 900 having this I think I will try to make more cards. I decided to try this Easter Card it worked pretty good but, due to the cut out areas the glue was tacky where I did not need glue. Talking to my husband, he had me make another card same design.  Then he took and cut out the excess glue away from the open spaces. Forgot to take  a photo of the second one. Here is a pic of the first one.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sublimation on canvas

This is my husband's project he wanted to try sublimation on canvas.  We purchased from Conde Systems the special canvas needed to do this.   At Hobby Lobby we found the wood needed to  make our frame so we did not have to order them through Conde.

He took the photo he wanted using the sublimation printer he did a mirror image. From there he took the paper and canvas and lined them up and pressed it.   After this  is took the canvas image and attached it to the frame.  The cool part about this is the canvas wraps around the frame and you staple to the back.  Was so happy not only how the photo turned out but, what photo he used.

The first photo is after it was printed on  the sublimation paper, it is mirror image.
 Second photos is after it was printed on the canvas and he is lining it up on the frame to make sure it is centered and how it should be before he attaches it to the frame.
 This last photo shows the completed project.  This photo really does not do it justice not only that but, my walls are not that green they are more blue green.  This photo was taken when we went to Italy October 2016