Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sublimation St. Patrick's Day shirt

I had heard that you can sublimate on a shirt that is 100% cotton using glitter. I really wanted to try this out. I had a design in mind and I had a white sweatshirt.  My husband and I  worked on the design and cut out the glitter then we printed the design using the sublimation printer and paper.

I did not have glitter white heat transfer I only had silver. We cut out the silver glitter then my husband tacked it to the shirt.  From there we cut out the design using the Silhouette Cameo. The sublimated design was then lined up on top of  the glitter. It worked the glitter took the sublimation. The problem was the glitter was way too dark. Even through I had dark sublimation colors it just did not work.    The design could not be read or seen clearly. I do not have a photo of this to show.

Since  it worked, except for the darker glitter. I ordered some white glitter and when it arrived we did the process again. This time it was going on a green shirt with white glitter on the bottom and the sublimation design on the top.   The only issue we had with this one is there was a white edge to the sublimation design,which showed  once the glitter and sublimation design were applied to the shirt.

The shamrock did not print out as green as it looked on the screen. When it was applied to the shirt it looked less green and more blue. Since it is  on a green shirt and I am wear at a bar it is all good.

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