Saturday, March 4, 2017

Laundry Room Decorations

Our laundry room needs some sprucing up.  I decided to start with adding some vinyl to both the washer and dryer.   It took a bit to come up with the design. Was not sure hubby would be okay with this.  He recently made a comment that soon there will be vinyl everywhere.  Either way I went ahead with the project.

The first was for the washer, I always liked the saying laundry today or naked tomorrow. So using my Silhouette Cameo I designed the saying and then I cut it out in white vinyl. White was a good choice since the washer has a dark window on it.  So pleased with how this came out, now on to the dryer.

 For the dryer I had decided to do a sock monster. I had a couple designs in my Silhouette library. I liked a combination of two of the monsters. So I combined them taking off the parts I did not like or that would not work well.   Then I decided to use green vinyl instead of the white.  Hubby really liked the one on the dryer. He has no problem with them being on the washer and dryer.

 Here is what they look like side by side. 

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