Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sublimation St. Patrick's Day shirt

I had heard that you can sublimate on a shirt that is 100% cotton using glitter. I really wanted to try this out. I had a design in mind and I had a white sweatshirt.  My husband and I  worked on the design and cut out the glitter then we printed the design using the sublimation printer and paper.

I did not have glitter white heat transfer I only had silver. We cut out the silver glitter then my husband tacked it to the shirt.  From there we cut out the design using the Silhouette Cameo. The sublimated design was then lined up on top of  the glitter. It worked the glitter took the sublimation. The problem was the glitter was way too dark. Even through I had dark sublimation colors it just did not work.    The design could not be read or seen clearly. I do not have a photo of this to show.

Since  it worked, except for the darker glitter. I ordered some white glitter and when it arrived we did the process again. This time it was going on a green shirt with white glitter on the bottom and the sublimation design on the top.   The only issue we had with this one is there was a white edge to the sublimation design,which showed  once the glitter and sublimation design were applied to the shirt.

The shamrock did not print out as green as it looked on the screen. When it was applied to the shirt it looked less green and more blue. Since it is  on a green shirt and I am wear at a bar it is all good.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Print and cut magnets

I recently came across how to do 3D print and cut magnets.  I thought this would be a wonderful thing to make for my granddaughters.  I decided to make the alphabet, letters and colors.  Since there are two of them I made two sets. of each but, for the letters I made them each two sets so that they have enough letters to spell small words.  Not that they are able to do that yet since they are only 3 and 2.  Here is the link for the directions on  how to do this.

I used the Silhouette adhesive magnet product, along with some white card stock.  I print and cut the design using my printer and Silhouette Cameo.  Since the magnet is the adhesive kind once the designs are cut out all I have to do is line them up. I could leave it just like this but, instead I brushed on this Mod Podge dimensional magic which makes the magnets 3D plus, I think it makes it bond together more along with looking shiny. 

The first photo shows the magnet on the left and the print and cut on the right.

 Second photo shows what they look like after the Mod Podge was applied.

 Third photo shows the colors after the print and cut is done before the magnets were applied.
 Fourth photo shows the Silhouette Cameo cutting out the numbers.
I found at Target some cute little bags for a $1.00 they were perfect to put all the magnets in.  They are for the granddaughters Easter baskets.  I am looking to get a metal box of some type and then decorating it. This would be great for the girls to  each have their own containers to play with the magnets without having them on  the fridge. It would be away to not have the girls in the kitchen.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Laundry Room Decorations

Our laundry room needs some sprucing up.  I decided to start with adding some vinyl to both the washer and dryer.   It took a bit to come up with the design. Was not sure hubby would be okay with this.  He recently made a comment that soon there will be vinyl everywhere.  Either way I went ahead with the project.

The first was for the washer, I always liked the saying laundry today or naked tomorrow. So using my Silhouette Cameo I designed the saying and then I cut it out in white vinyl. White was a good choice since the washer has a dark window on it.  So pleased with how this came out, now on to the dryer.

 For the dryer I had decided to do a sock monster. I had a couple designs in my Silhouette library. I liked a combination of two of the monsters. So I combined them taking off the parts I did not like or that would not work well.   Then I decided to use green vinyl instead of the white.  Hubby really liked the one on the dryer. He has no problem with them being on the washer and dryer.

 Here is what they look like side by side. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

St. Patrick's Day decorations

I used some printable reusable vinyl for my St. Patrick's day decorations.  I really like how the colors look and there is no  layering needed.  This is perfect for decorating, it is reusable so I can take it down and reuse every year.

Here is the mirror in our living room all decorated for St. Patrick's day.

  Then for our dining room table I put vinyl shamrocks on the LED candles. I also have little St. Patrick's day baskets that I put Rollo's in so it looks like gold.