Thursday, December 22, 2016

Santa Cookies and Milk

I asked our nephew if his daughter had a plate for Santa for cookies and he said no. I thought she would like one even if she is young and really does not understand the concept, she will later on. Hubby and I went to find a glass plate that I could do the vinyl on  the back of so that it would be food safe.

Found some glass plates at Big Lots for $2.00 it was just perfect. I had the design and for all of all I had to do was cut out the vinyl and apply it.  Well, I did  it but, the Christmas tree just did not look right.  In the morning I took the tree off and I cut out a Gingerbread shape and I put that on the plate.
Instead of some snowflakes on the edges I put some carrots.   I was really pleased how this one turned out. Then I took a Starbucks bottle and added a label for Santa's milk and put some washi tape around the rim.

Made sure to get it in the mail and to his daughter before Christmas.  It arrived in perfect condition before Santa and his reindeer arrived.  This is not the best photo I forgot to take one, I was just trying to get it mailed off.

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