Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Polar Express Sign

This post came popped up on my Facebook page and I really liked it.  I saved it and looked forward to making it.  Here is the link

I looked at Michael's for the wood, I could not find any in the shape and size from the link along with having the hole. I almost bought a metal sign it would have been cute but, I happen to come across a pack of chipboard that was the perfect shape and just a little smaller but, I thought would work perfectly.

I never used chipboard before, so I did a little research and I found out that I could paint on it.  I did not have have any glitter vinyl but, I did have red.  I painted the chipboard white then I cut out the words in bright red. After it was cut I noticed in the original the bottom where it says The Polar Express she did it as a flag cut out but, the file did not come like that.  So I just had the words cut out.

Here is a pic before the chipboard was painted. This brush did not  do well at all it left parts of the brush on the chipboard.  So I switched to a small foam brush. I only did one coat of white paint.

 Here is a pic of the chipboard all painted and dried.
Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut out the design using red vinyl. I printed it out first to get it to the right size since the chipboard is a little smaller. I put the saying on transfer paper then I lined it up so that it came below hole and left room for a bell.

I had some bells from the Dollar Tree and part of the ribbon was attached to the bell. I took the other end of the ribbon and tucked it into the top of the bell then I hot glued the ribbon to the bell.

I also glued the bell in place so that it would sit at the top of the sign right below the hole.

From there I took the transfer paper off, I thought it looked cute but, needed something more.  So I coated the vinyl and sign with modge  podge then I sprinkled white glitter over it.  I let it sit for a little bit then I brushed off any excess and here is the final project.

I am very pleased with how this all turned out and I have more chipboard. It came in a pack of 9 and the cost was $3.99 with a 40% off coupon so it was well worth it. Plus, it is very sturdy and will hold up.

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