Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Advent Wreath

Last year I ordered some LED Advent candles but, had not used them until this year. Well, I knew one was not working quite right when I tried to get it to work this year it would not work. After messing with  it for along time I  still could not get it to work. Instead of replacing it with a non LED candle I decided to go and find a purple LED candle.

I found some white ones at the Dollar Tree and then I found some off white ones  at Michaels but, could not find any purple.  I tried to  change parts out to make the purple one work and  that was not going to happen.  

To make a long story a little shorter I took some liquid purple ink and covered one of the off white candles. It looks rough but, it worked for this year.

Then I took a green styrofoam circle from  the Dollar Tree and I pushed the four candles into it.  Then I removed the candles and wrapped the foam in green tulle and put the candles back in. This just did not look good.

I ended up  taking the tulle off and I took some green garland and wrapped it around the wreath and then put the four candles on the wreath.  For the center I took a votive candle holder added some glass marbles and placed the white candle inside.

This sat on our dinning  room table, next year I will do a better job.  For some reason  I cannot locate the photo of the end product.

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