Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ugly Sweater

My son was going to an ugly sweater party and needed something to wear.  After looking at a few ideas on Pinterest he picked something out and went and picked up some material.  Along with what I had in my craft supply and the items he purchased he came up with this design.

This is a stripper at the North Pole.  Using my Silhouette Cameo and felt material, I cut out an arrow and the words HO, HO, HO.  I also made the stripper pole using silver pipe cleaner and a green pipe cleaner for the top.  I cut out a piece of white felt and wrote North Pole on it.   Then he added the rest and we glued it all down.

This is not for a child my son is an adult. I do not mean to offend anyone this was  all in  fun and a joke. He had a  really good time wearing it and others loved it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Advent Wreath

Last year I ordered some LED Advent candles but, had not used them until this year. Well, I knew one was not working quite right when I tried to get it to work this year it would not work. After messing with  it for along time I  still could not get it to work. Instead of replacing it with a non LED candle I decided to go and find a purple LED candle.

I found some white ones at the Dollar Tree and then I found some off white ones  at Michaels but, could not find any purple.  I tried to  change parts out to make the purple one work and  that was not going to happen.  

To make a long story a little shorter I took some liquid purple ink and covered one of the off white candles. It looks rough but, it worked for this year.

Then I took a green styrofoam circle from  the Dollar Tree and I pushed the four candles into it.  Then I removed the candles and wrapped the foam in green tulle and put the candles back in. This just did not look good.

I ended up  taking the tulle off and I took some green garland and wrapped it around the wreath and then put the four candles on the wreath.  For the center I took a votive candle holder added some glass marbles and placed the white candle inside.

This sat on our dinning  room table, next year I will do a better job.  For some reason  I cannot locate the photo of the end product.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dollar Tree mirror

I seen this design in one of my Silhouette groups and I thought it was such a cute idea.  I purchased the mirror at the Dollar Tree along with a plate holder.  I already had the dandelion I just needed to do the saying.

I picked out a nice yellow vinyl and found the font I wanted then I cut it out in one piece. From there I just took some transfer paper and applied it to the mirror.  I am very happy how it turned out; the hardest part was trying to take a photo without the camera or anything else reflecting in the mirror. I eventually made it all work out.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Vinyl Letter C

My friend purchased a rocking chair and desk for her granddaughter for Christmas.  While painting them she decided the chair needed a little something more so she asked me if I could make the letter C with a crown in vinyl.

Working with her we came up with just what she was looking for.  I had to order the gold vinyl and when I did I found some gold glitter vinyl. We got really lucky the design was all ready to go we just needed the gold vinyl.

It arrived before Christmas and I was able to get everything all cut out and done before Christmas. My friend came by and I let her know how to apply the letter. There was no problem and it was all set and done before Christmas.

So very pleased it all worked out.  Love how the chair looks and the crown letter C.

Friday, December 23, 2016

No Sew Fleece Blanket

Lat June when our granddaughters were staying with us, I took them to a fabric store that was closing. They picked out some fleece material and I made sure to get plenty to make them both a big blanket.

I do not sew and I had no intentions of sewing them a blanket.  So I looked all over Pinterest to find the best way to make these blankets.  I planned on giving them to the girls as Christmas gifts.  I found this one site and I really liked the way they did it.  They cut a 4x4 out of each corner then instead of putting it in a knot they did a cut and a slip knot.  Here is the link to what they did and it is the same thing that I did and it did not take long at all.

The black one is for our older granddaughter and the light blue one is for the younger one.  The store didn't have enough material so hers is a little smaller but, since the same pattern is on the front and back my husband and I folded it over so the top would not be tied or cut on the corners.  These will be perfect for them to grow with and have on their beds.  They are the size of a full bed.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Santa Cookies and Milk

I asked our nephew if his daughter had a plate for Santa for cookies and he said no. I thought she would like one even if she is young and really does not understand the concept, she will later on. Hubby and I went to find a glass plate that I could do the vinyl on  the back of so that it would be food safe.

Found some glass plates at Big Lots for $2.00 it was just perfect. I had the design and for all of all I had to do was cut out the vinyl and apply it.  Well, I did  it but, the Christmas tree just did not look right.  In the morning I took the tree off and I cut out a Gingerbread shape and I put that on the plate.
Instead of some snowflakes on the edges I put some carrots.   I was really pleased how this one turned out. Then I took a Starbucks bottle and added a label for Santa's milk and put some washi tape around the rim.

Made sure to get it in the mail and to his daughter before Christmas.  It arrived in perfect condition before Santa and his reindeer arrived.  This is not the best photo I forgot to take one, I was just trying to get it mailed off.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Photo Slate

Was asked to put this wedding photo on a slate, I was not sure if this would work or if it would have to much white in it. But, once it was printed on  the paper and then sublimated onto the slate it was not too much white at all as a matter of fact it came out showing some nice blue cloud colors. The lady that wanted this was so happy and excited how this turned out as were we.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Photo blanket

We were asked to do a photo blanket for a friend's mom. She provided some photos that she had recently taken and between my husband and myself we lined them all up and put them all going in the same direction.  Then we pressed one square at a time and was so pleased how it turned out.

She just loved the colors and how it looked she could not wait until her mom seen it. Well, her mom loved it and could not stop looking at it.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Memory clock

Was asked to make a clock for a lady who had lost her mom. I found a saying I used for something else and was told that was perfect.  So using my Silhouette Cameo I opened up the design and added the lady's name. First I printed on regular paper so I could check to see if it lined up where I wanted it. I needed to be shifted just a bit and once I did that it was printed using a sublimation printer and paper. Everyone was so pleased with how it turned out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sublimated cuttng board

I had this small cutting board and I thought with the size it would work great for my friend's camper. I just wanted to find the right thing to put on it and I found what I wanted and made some changes added some colors to it.  It is a  sublimated camper with  bright colors and background.  Since it is sublimated she can put it in the dishwasher. it is sublimated from the back and then it shows through the top of the cutting board.

My husband and I were so happy how this came out, could not wait for her to see it.  She just loved it and it is the right size, I even added her last name above the door.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Slate Clock

I had nothing to do with this project, this was all my husband's doing. He took a photo from our daughter, it is of Seychelles one of her port visits while she was deployed.   Then he edited since it had some people in it.

From there he asked me if I had a 3D clock in my Silhouette Cameo program. I did not have one but, we looked in  the Silhouette store and found just what we were looking for.  So using my Silhouette we purchased the clock face and opened it up and added it to the photo.  We made the clock the same color as the colors in the photo.  Then it was printed out on sublimation paper,from there it was pressed on to a large slate.

My husband planned on giving this to  them as a Christmas gift. But, we seen them  at Halloween so my husband gave it to them then as an early anniversary gift.  Their anniversary is December 7th.  They really liked it and my husband was so proud how it came out.  I did not post about this until now, since my husband had the photo of it on his phone.  In this photo the clock arms are not on it but, they have them.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Santa's Magic Key

I seen this on Instagram @artsyfartsymama I thought is was so cute and since I had the chipboard from doing the Polar Express sign I decided to make the Santa's Magic Key.

Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut the words in green and red vinyl.  Then on the back I printed out a poem about Santa's magic key.  I hot glued it on. Once everything was on I put modge podge on over the sign and sprinkled white glitter on the top.

Then I took some twine and tied the key on to the chipboard sign. The last thing I did was add a ribbon so that it can be hung on the tree until Christmas Eve when it is hung on the outside of the front door. Love how this turned out. Gave it to a young lady for her little girl she was so happy to get it.

Here it is front and back, with a red ribbon that has snow flakes on it. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Sloth Yoga Shirt

My husband seen this shirt and he really liked it and wanted it.  So using my Silhouette Cameo I found a design and traced it and colored it in black.  Then we used our sublimation printer to print it out. 

The shirt was mostly polyester and it left marks where the heat press hit it but, it was for my hubby and he was so happy with it. 

Here is the front:

Here is the back:

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Polar Express Sign

This post came popped up on my Facebook page and I really liked it.  I saved it and looked forward to making it.  Here is the link

I looked at Michael's for the wood, I could not find any in the shape and size from the link along with having the hole. I almost bought a metal sign it would have been cute but, I happen to come across a pack of chipboard that was the perfect shape and just a little smaller but, I thought would work perfectly.

I never used chipboard before, so I did a little research and I found out that I could paint on it.  I did not have have any glitter vinyl but, I did have red.  I painted the chipboard white then I cut out the words in bright red. After it was cut I noticed in the original the bottom where it says The Polar Express she did it as a flag cut out but, the file did not come like that.  So I just had the words cut out.

Here is a pic before the chipboard was painted. This brush did not  do well at all it left parts of the brush on the chipboard.  So I switched to a small foam brush. I only did one coat of white paint.

 Here is a pic of the chipboard all painted and dried.
Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut out the design using red vinyl. I printed it out first to get it to the right size since the chipboard is a little smaller. I put the saying on transfer paper then I lined it up so that it came below hole and left room for a bell.

I had some bells from the Dollar Tree and part of the ribbon was attached to the bell. I took the other end of the ribbon and tucked it into the top of the bell then I hot glued the ribbon to the bell.

I also glued the bell in place so that it would sit at the top of the sign right below the hole.

From there I took the transfer paper off, I thought it looked cute but, needed something more.  So I coated the vinyl and sign with modge  podge then I sprinkled white glitter over it.  I let it sit for a little bit then I brushed off any excess and here is the final project.

I am very pleased with how this all turned out and I have more chipboard. It came in a pack of 9 and the cost was $3.99 with a 40% off coupon so it was well worth it. Plus, it is very sturdy and will hold up.