Thursday, November 10, 2016

Granddaughter's Halloween costumes.

Last year we went to Colonial Williamsburg VA for their first Halloween event.  Our daughter was getting ready to deploy and would not be home for the holidays.  We had an amazing time and decided to go again this year.

Since our daughter is being with work and her husband is busy with school and taking care of the grandgirls we offered to make their costumes.

Both the girls found a unicorn costume at the store then I started looking for a way to make one for them.  Thanks to Pinterest I found just what to do and how to  do.  The hardest part was finding a hooded sweatsuit in the sizes I needed.  I wanted white ones but, just could not locate any.

Then I found a pink and purple hooded sweatshirt along with matching pants.  One was going to be a unicorn and one was going to be a Pegasus.  But, we ended up making them a Alicorn which has a horn like a unicorn and wings like a Pegasus.

Here is where we found out how to do the wings: 

These directions worked perfectly, my husband did these costumes I just found the directions and the materiel. This photo shows the outfits and the yarn.  We actually used both colors of yarn on the outfits.

The next photo is of the first set of wings. This is made with craft foam and craft sticks with hot glue and then elastic.  We also ran out of elastic and used a white shoe lace and it was so easy to tie and slip on the arms.  This is my husband wearing the wings so I may get a good pic.

 For the horn we found a pattern at the site:

We picked up some glitter pipe cleaners and used them to wrap around the horn it not only gave it a nice color it also made the horn stronger.

Here is where we learned about the yarn for the mane and tail.  We only used two colors, my plan was to hot glue the yarn on but, my husband sewed the mane and tails on.  The tails went on the bottom of the jacket. The only issue we had was the top was a bit to heavy and since the hood did not have strings to tie the hood, it keep falling off the girls but, no matter they really loved them.

We made the ears in opposite colors so they would pop and be seen.  The directions are from the same site we found the wings. It was good that my husband modeled as they were completed since it was really hard to get pics of our grandgirls in the costumes.
The horn was sewn on to the mane and hood. 

The tail was sewn on to the bottom back of the jackets.

 Here is the pink one all done with the horn, mane, tail and wings.

Our granddaughters are only 3 and 2 and kind of small so we actually had to trim the tail since it was a bit too long.   We also trimmed the mane too because it was top heavy and we had no string in the hood so it could not be tied.  If the hood could have been tied it would have worked better.  However, seeing the happiness in our granddaughters and both their parents it was so worth it.

Here are some photos of our grandgirls in the costumes before we left for trick or treating.

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