Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall sign

I know many people use vinyl as a template, when they paint signs.  I like things just simple and easy, for me.  I had this wood and some paint samples that I have wanted to do something with.  I took the wood and painted it orange, once it dried I sanded it down a little bit then I just cut out some words in brown vinyl and applied it.

The fonts are all different and I almost made them too big where they would not fit.  What I did was line them up differently and they fit and from there I just placed it on the board.  The way the board is it can lay on the edge on a table so it does not even need a hanger for it. I like how quick it was to do and just like that it is done.

This is an oak board I picked up last year at a close out place.  The paint is a Lowe's sample I also picked up last year and have not done a thing with it.
I just painted one coat, and then just let it dry.  
Once dry I lightly sanded it down.
Then I picked a couple different words and I typed one out.  I did all this using my Silhouette Cameo. I  did measure and decided how big I wanted the words but, then I changed it and forgot to measure again.  The words almost did not fit but, by moving them around I made it work.  I cut the words in brown vinyl using the Silhouette Cameo.

Since doing this sign, I thought it needed a little something more.  I found this string at Hobby Lobby that has some beads on it and leaves.  I strung it in the center and hot glued it down.  I love how this turned out.
Here is a before and after pic.