Monday, August 8, 2016

State cups

Lately many people are doing the states  in black and white stripes, using vinyl.  I was working on the state of MS and then My Paper Craze did a blog post on Silhouette School and I was following the steps.  Then My Paper Craze did all the states for free download.  Here is the link for the states:

I wanted to sublimate the states on a coffee cup.  We are a military family so I wanted to do the state where I am from and where I now call home.  I am originally from Hayward CA and I took the word home off of the state and added the word Native.  Then I moved the gold heart near where I am from.

I now live in Long Beach MS and I took the flowers off and changed it to a magnolia and moved the heart to near where we live now. Then I placed them on the mug size paper and came up with a pretty pink faded background.

I really did not need another cup but, boy I am so pleased with this.


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