Thursday, August 11, 2016

Painted Letter

The weather was really bad today, when my husband came home for lunch he decided it was better to stay home. Eventually his they secured everyone at his job.  Well, I was bored and was thinking of something to do with the canvas letter that I had picked up.  I checked on Pinterest and came up with a couple ideas.

I used my Papillo water proof vinyl that you print on.  I printed out some really bright and colorful fall leaves.  Then my husband helped out, we decided it would look better if the letter was painted so he spray painted it a dark brown.

After the vinyl was printed it sits for 15 minutes to dry and set the ink.  Then to make it water proof you run under water if it does not have excess ink then no ink will run.  No ink ran and the colors stayed very bright. This vinyl is removable but, I had to really burnish it a lot to get it to stay on the canvas so I do not plan on removing it.  I know being in the south it will fade since the sun hits my front door.  But, I am really very pleased with the end results.

Once it was all ready my husband made a template to cut the vinyl out in the correct shape.  I could have messed with my Silhouette to do all the cutting but, this was so much easier. My husband did it for me I am not too good at measuring or hand cutting.

We placed the vinyl on the painted b and then we cut strips to go around the sides of it.  I will add a ribbon to it and in a month or so it will be on my door.
Here is is after it was painted before it was just a plain white canvas letter.

Here is the template lined up on the vinyl.
Once we cut out the vinyl using the template it is ready to be lined up on the letter.
Here I have the vinyl lined up on the letter.

Here are the pics showing different views with the vinyl on the top and all the sides.

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