Sunday, August 7, 2016

First day of school board

Things are settling down and getting back to normal.  I have not blogged since the begging of July.  I am working on turning this around.

I have seen the first day of school boards and I thought it would be cute to do one for our granddaughter.  I designed one last year and just sent it to Walgreens in Virginia.  It was just printed out on an 8x10 photo which worked perfect.

Our granddaughter is only 3 and she started school at 2.  She only went two days a week but, this is at a regular school where she is getting learning, she is hearing impaired this will help her get ready for kindergarten.

This year she is going to a different school and she will be going 4 days a week so this will help her even more.  Since they do not start until September I decided to do a sublimated board that they can use over and over for many years.

It took a little bit for me to get the design just right but, once I did we printed it using the Saw-grass 800 sublimation printer and then my husband printed it.  We are so thrilled with how is turned out and cannot wait to see our granddaughter holding the sign.  The photo will be taken outside so that everything can be read.  It is very shiny and just looks so cute. 

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