Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sublimated Birthday Shirts

Since I had a Frozen design for our granddaughters third birthday we decided she needed a shirt.  We doing sublimated shirts you need to use 100% polyester but, we did not have the right material.  We did however have this dyepress material that you can use to sublimate on shirts that are not 100% polyester.  So we found a design and sized it up on the shirt.

Then my husband put the dyepress on the shirt and sublimated the shirt.  It turned out pretty good just wished it was a little darker but, it went very well with the Frozen theme. At first I was just going to do the shirt with Elsa but, I decided that it would look better with both sisters.
Her sisters birthday is next month so we did a little celebration for her the day before her sister's birthday so that they each had their own special day.  For the two year old we did Sophia the First and her shirt was also sublimated using the Dyepress material.

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