Thursday, May 26, 2016

Photo on slate

Our nephew and his girlfriend recently had a commitment ceremony and they posted some beautiful photos.  My husband right away wanted to take a photo and sublimate it onto slate.  Sublimating on the slate is so much fun getting the right size of photo and the right shape of slate for each one.  This one turned out really crisp and made an excellent gift.  Our nephew and girlfriend really liked it.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Graduation boxes

To add to the banner and confetti, I found these graduation treat boxes in the Silhouette store.  Since the confetti and banner were done in the different shades of blue I did three different shades for the graduation boxes.

We did not put anything in them they were just added to the table as decoration along with the confetti. Using the different shades of blue really made the table look so cool.  The top had a string added to look like a tassel.

Graduation banner

For our friends high school graduation I wanted to make a banner but, I also wanted to do it different than ones I had seen and done.  I picked different shades of blue and  used the graduation cap I also have started putting little rectangles to cut out, this is used to thread ribbon through to make it easy to hang the banner.

Once I had the different caps cut I then cut out the letters in the opposite color.  We then glued the words on and threaded the caps together it turned out to be really long due to the size of the caps and what it read.  Which was congratulations Cade.  Was very pleased how it looked and turned out, really like doing the rectangles so the banner hangs good.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Graduation cap confetti

For our friends high school graduation I took a graduation cap that I had purchased from the Silhouette store and I made it real small then I filled up a 12x12 page and cut it out. This made the perfect size for graduation cap confetti.  They cut really good and look so good spread out on the table.  I made them in three different shades of blue, this only took three pages of different shades of blue to make more than enough. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mr.& Mrs. Coffee Cups

We decided to add some coffee cups to the photo slate gift.  I love that we can do this in sublimation and the material becomes part of the cup and will not come off.  On one cup it says Mr. and the other Mrs.with the year the got married.  Then the back has their initials.  I really like the color in these and how they turned out. 

Photo on slate - Wedding gift

Our nephew recently got married and we wanted to make something really special for him and his new bride.  My husband really likes to do the sublimated slate photos.  So we asked his sister to send us a photo of the couple and we then put it on the slate.  This slate has a nice shape to it and it went perfectly with the photo that she had sent.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Clock Graduation Gift

A young lady we know seen the clock that we had made and she wanted one for a friend that was graduating.  With this gift going to a female and the school colors are maroon and white we tried to do it with the maroon color.  But, for some reason the color did not come out, it was so dark and not the correct shade at all.  To top  it off you could not even read it.  So we went lighter and we realized in order for this to work you have to have the words darker and the background a lighter color. 

Once we got it correct we were very pleased with how it came out, the photo looks so light but, it just does not do it justice it shows up so much better.