Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vinyl on candles.

I really like putting vinyl on my LED candles. The glitter ones don't hold the vinyl as well so I will only use those at Christmas time.  Just after Easter I ended up buying another set without the glitter. Then I took the Easter bunnies and peeps off the candles.  I left the lavender crosses on and I cut out some pink vinyl roses.  Then I placed them on the three candles.  They looked really good next to the crosses on my dinning room table.

For some reason I cannot locate a photo I took of both the crosses and the roses, I realized this after I had taken the designs off to place a new one on them.

I did notice one of the candles in a background photo so I cropped it just so I had a photo to post showing the pink rose.

Monday, April 25, 2016


For our friends graduation we decided to make some bookmarks he could give out as thank you gifts. He had a nice black and white photo done for graduation and we added that to a bookmark.  Then using Photoshop I put a design behind it and some words.  Was very pleased with how this turned out.

His sister, is our Goddaughter so we decided to make a special one for her.  This was also done using Photoshop.  I was really pleased with the color choices and the design that I had made.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Book Marks

Purchased some bookmarks to try and sublimate on.  Working in Photoshop I took the template for the bookmark and dropped in a photo and then put a background design.  Since my daughter is an avid reader I thought she would really enjoy receiving a couple.  The first one we did was is her daughter's with her dad and I.  Then the second one was of her daughter's and her husband. I only seem to have a photo of one of them.  This was an early one we did, once we seen where the clip part goes we moved the photo down so that it would not get cut off.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daughter's ship

My daughter is stationed on the USS Bulkeley DDG-84 and I seen this beautiful photo that I wanted on a coffee cup.  It turned out very bold and bright I really liked it except for one thing.  The ship is in the center of the cup and the handle is behind it.  So it is on the side when you hold the cup on the left or the right hand.  I am planning on redoing it where the ship will be either on the cup twice front and back or the ship will be just on one side.  I do like making these sublimated cups.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Graduation Gift

This is just one of our latest projects, it is for a young man that will be graduating high school in May. My husband and I purchased this clock to sublimate on and instead of a photo we decided to put a nice saying on it.

With this glass you do the design right facing from the back so that once it is done it will show through the front.  The first time we did this it came out perfect.  My husband did the entire project, from design color choice and sublimating it.  Was very pleased how this turned out.  I am backdating this it was done in April but, we could not post until after it was received as a gift.