Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tutu Easter baskets

Last year I did put vinyl on some buckets for my granddaughter's for Easter.  Instead of using the buckets that they have been playing with I decided to decorate them new baskets.

I found these baskets on sale at Michaels for $1.00, then I found tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby for half off.  I cut the tulle 12 inches long, then I folded them it in half threaded it through a top hole and put a slip style knot and did this in alternating colors.

Here is a photo of the baskets before the tulle.

Here is a photo with them all done.

I love how I matched their dresses.

Here is a photo with the baskets all put together.  The only candy is some Peeps on a stick.  The eggs have Star Wars graham crackers and then I made some carrots using a pastry bag and filling it with goldfish and closing it with green yarn.  Then we added a book along with a monkey with bunny ears.

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