Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Replaced wall vinyl.

On October 20, 2014 I finally decided what design I wanted on my bedroom wall that has blank space above and below a cross.  The vinyl I used was not very good vinyl but, it looked good and stuck.

The past couple days the vinyl on the word faith has been peeling off the wall.  So it was time for it to be replaced.  When my husband was home at lunch, I told him I am loosing my faith, then I said not literally but, not figuratively.  :)

Using my Silhouette Cameo I quickly found my work and cut the word in a better vinyl.  Then I took some painters tape and marked all around the old vinyl.  From there I easily pulled off the old vinyl.

Then I replaced it with the new vinyl.  So pleased with how it turned out.

Here is the before photo.

Now, here is the after photo, this vinyl is glossy and the other one was flat.  It will last longer, I will eventually change the bottom part just did not feel like it today.

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