Friday, February 26, 2016

Re-did candles.

I took the Mardi Gras and Valentine's day decorations down and off the candles.  Then I cut some green shamrock in vinyl.  I put them on the candles for St. Patrick's day.  Easter and St. Patrick's day is only a couple days a part so I put the St. Patrick's decorations up early and I will put Easter up in a week or two. 

Here are the candles that are on my dinning room table. They are the same ones that I decorated for Valentine's day.

These gold candles sit on my coffee table and they are the ones that were decorated for Mardi Gras. Now they have a simple shamrock on them for St. Patrick's day.
Here is the photo I posted on Instagram showing all the decorations.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Mugs

For Valentine's day I wanted to make Paul a cute coffee mug.  Problem is I design things and he runs the heat press.  I have not learned how to use it at all.  So I needed his help to make his gift. That is ok he was thrilled with the design and did not mind at all to make it.

I used my Silhouette Cameo and put the design together and added a heart and made the colors that I wanted. Then I printed it using sublimation ink.  From there Paul put it in the mug press, it came out so cute.  Here is all sides of the cup.

Then I came up with another design and put it together.  I took a pic of blank conversation hearts then using my Silhouette I took and put different sayings on the hearts.  Printed it out on sublimation ink and paper and handed over to Paul.  He pressed and we are so pleased with the end result.