Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentines Day treat bag

Putting together a box for my granddaughters, I decided to do a Valentines day treat for them.  I went to the Silhouette store and found this cute topper for a bag.  I picked up some white little bags at Michaels.

This was a very easy and simple craft I just measured the bag then scaled the design to fit.  Cut it all out in different colors and glued it all together. 

Then I put a little treat inside and glued it to the top.  Since my granddaughters are young and would have trouble opening the bags I just glued the topper to the front but, did not seal the bag.
First pic after it is all cut out and ready to be glued.

Toppers all set just need to add the treats to the bag, then glue on the toppers.
Bags completed.

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