Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sublimated Valentine's Day Shirts

When doing sublimation on shirts and other fabric it needs to be 100% polyester in order for the ink to adhere to the fabric.  You can sublimate on fabric that is less than 100% and it will give it a vintage look.

But, there is also another alternative, a product called Dye Press.  Here is a link where this product can be ordered. http://www.dyepress.com/ They carry all different types to be used on different material.  I purchased a combo pack so I can try all the different products.

I had a red shirt that is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, the plan was to do some heat transfer material for valentine's day.  Since I had this product my husband and I decided to get some more shirts for our granddaughters and use this product.

Having a dark colored shirt would mean I would have to do as dark of color as possible for it to work.  The ink would also take on the red color of the shirt.

My husband mixed up the product then he sprayed it on the shirt where the ink would go.  He placed the shirts in the dryer to set the product.

While that was going on I designed the shirts.  Below is the end results, very pleased with how easy the product was to use and how these came out.

The red one is for our younger granddaughter.

Below, is the gray one that is for our older granddaughter.  They are not the exact same design, made them just a little different.  My daughter prefers not to have the dressed a like so I wanted to change them up just a little bit.

I really like the gray one it looks like it is a sketched drawing.

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