Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mustache Mugs

When my son graduated from Navy boot camp his friends met my husband and I in IL.  We ended up going to Chuck E Cheese and playing some games and just relaxed and had fun.  With the tickets our friend got she purchased some mustaches.  Her brother and my husband both had real mustaches so my son, friend and I put on some of the mustaches.

Well, this past October the four of us went to Italy to see my son.  While there our friend brought some mustaches and we made a point to take photos of us wearing them.  This time only her and I had to wear a fake one since my son had also grown one.

I decided to make her brother and her both a coffee cup with all the mustache photos.  Then I made them both a mouse pad.

Here is the different sides of the cup it has a grey background and red letters.

 This one has a light green background.  The photos do not do them justice they turned out really good they are done using my Silhouette Cameo program and sublimation printer.

Here are the two mouse pads, I am so happy how they came out and I cannot wait for them to get them.

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