Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dye Press Sublimated Shirts

Since the 100% polyester is hard to find at local stores and we knew we would be mixing up the Dyepress we purchased some more shirts for our granddaughter's.

We know that using dark colored shirts it is best to use really dark colors for the design.  The Valentine's ones came out.  So we thought we would have no issues with the next set.

Two of the designs went on a gray polka dot shirt and one on a pink.  The designs were all done in dark ink.  When pressed they came out faded like a vintage look.  Trying to figure out what happened. Does it need to be pressed longer, or perhaps since it was only 40% polyester there was not enough polyester for the ink to adhere to? 

Either way all the shirts have a vintage faded look to them. They look cute just the colors are not as vibrant as I had hoped.  Here is a photo of them all. Funny thing did not even pay attention when picking up the shirts to notice that we picked up pink ones for our youngest granddaughter.  We were just trying to find the right size.

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