Friday, November 6, 2015

On to sublimation.

I am not in business but, maybe down the road I just might.  My husband and I went to an open house at Conde in Mobile AL, to see the sublimation printers and other products.  We both were hooked and wanted a sublimation printer.  We took a trip to Italy in October and we took a lot of photos.  We decided that getting a sublimation printer would be perfect for the photos we took.  So we took the plunge and now we have a sublimation printer.

I have not done any printing or setting up this has all been done by my husband.  I helped to look for the correct shirts to do the sublimation on but, the rest was all him.

He used the Silhouette Cameo and worked with it to add photos and then send to the sublimation printer.  This was before he set everything up.  But, the coffee cup came out pretty good for being his first project.

We both have some learning to do and that is the fun part about this.
Below is one side of the cup.

Here is the other side of the cup is a view of  Mt. Vesuvius  taken in Pompeii.

He then took a photo that we took in Venice and added some text and sublimated on a koozie wrap. We gave this to our fur babies sitter.  So very pleased with how the color and all turned out.  He used a gradient font so the colors are supposed to look just like the do.

While in Italy we could not find shirts we liked for our granddaughters.  So we decided to make our own, we could not find 100% polyester shirts and since we are still new to this we decided to try some that are part cotton and part polyester.  They looked amazing we then washed them and they faded which we knew they would.  This was a good test and helped us to learn.

Cannot wait to learn more and do more sublimation projects.

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