Friday, November 20, 2015

Etched / Slate Cheese Plate

I found this slate with felt on it in a discount store.  As soon as I seen it I thought about etching it and making a cheese board for a friend of mine.  I had purchased the design from the Silhouette store but, I really did not like the initial that came with it so I changed it out.  Found out my friends wedding date then I sized the design.

Here is a photo of the slate before I etched it.

Here is the design all cut out and ready for the etching cream.

I let the etching cream sit for 45 mins.  Then I rinsed it off and took off the vinyl.

Here is the end result.  After it was rinsed and dried I seasoned it with olive oil.


  1. creative and informative post. definitely we are able to made slate plate at home, but can you share any information regarding slate cheese boards and other slate products as well.

  2. MaryF, thank you for your comment. The slate I purchased came from a close out store. I happen to see on Pinterest an etched slate cheese board and thought it would be the perfect thing to do.

    First thing I did was clean the board, once it was cleaned and dried then I applied the design and etched the design. From there, I cleaned the slate again.

    Then I took olive oil and seasoned the slate board to condition it and kind of seal it to have food on it.This is hand wash only no soaking in water.
    I hope this helps you out.

    Thank you
    P&E Creations.