Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lace up cards

I got these lace up cards from Silhouette and I planned on cutting them out but, just never did it.  Now, that my granddaughters are 2 and 1 I thought I would make them.  First I wanted to find thicker paper so that maybe I would only have to print and cut it one time.  I could not find any card stock that was thick enough.

So I just cut it out 4 times and then I glued them all together.  From there I cut contact paper once in mirror and once regular and then I covered each design top and bottom with contact paper.  For some reason I could not get all the layers to line up perfectly but, the are just off slightly and the holes line up so it will work.

I just need to get some laces to go with them.  I am pleased with how they turned out and I think my g-babies are going to love to play with them.

Another Christmas Mug

I purchased this design from the Silhouette store.  I then took and filled in the words with color.  For the tinsel I used a silver background to make it look like tinsel.  There is a little bit of ghosting on the cup, I am not sure why but, since it is for our home it is a learning process it is just fine.

I really like how the word does look like tinsel.

Loving sublimation

I have been working with my Silhouette Cameo program to color in and use designs to sublimate on coffee cups.  I got this design from Miss Kate Cuttables.  I thought it would look cute just as is on a coffee mug.
So I put it to the size I needed for the mug paper and just printed it to the sublimation printer.

From there my husband sublimated it on to a white ceramic coffee cup.  This is a special coated cup so that it can take the sublimated ink. 

Here is the end result of this cup.

Here is the left side.

Next is the center of the mug.

This is the Right side of the mug.
I really like this design and how the color looks on the white mug.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Etched Slate Coasters

I found a pack of four slate coasters at Target and thought they would go perfect with the slate I had just etched and turned into a cheese plate for my friends.

So I used the same design that I used on the slate cheese plate and put it on the four coasters.
Here is a pic of a coaster before I etched it.

Here is the end result.
So pleased with how both the cheese plate and coasters came out.

Etched / Slate Cheese Plate

I found this slate with felt on it in a discount store.  As soon as I seen it I thought about etching it and making a cheese board for a friend of mine.  I had purchased the design from the Silhouette store but, I really did not like the initial that came with it so I changed it out.  Found out my friends wedding date then I sized the design.

Here is a photo of the slate before I etched it.

Here is the design all cut out and ready for the etching cream.

I let the etching cream sit for 45 mins.  Then I rinsed it off and took off the vinyl.

Here is the end result.  After it was rinsed and dried I seasoned it with olive oil.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sublimated Christmas Cups

Our friends are moving to Italy and I wanted to get them their Christmas gifts early so they could get them packed out.  Paul (Husband) and I designed to Christmas mugs for our friends.  The colors and designs came out really good.  They were so pleased with how they looked.

Here is one side of the cups.

Here is another side of the cups.
This is in the middle of the two photos.

Starbucks cup

I picked up another re-usable Starbucks cup for my friend and I personalized it for her.  I just love how they look.

Sublimated Koozies

My husband designed some koozies  to send to his sister along with the coffee cups.  The photo is from her campground that her husband and her go to in the summer time. The color on this is so much better than the photo.

Sublimated Believe mug

I really liked the word believe in glitter.  I thought about making me a shirt with the same material but, instead Using my Silhouette Cameo I took the design and filled the letters with a glitter background and then added Christmas lights.  Once it was all done I sublimated it on a coffee mug.  I really how it turned out, instead of it being on just the left or the right it is bigger and curves around the cup the handle is in the back.

So pleased with the colors and how this looks.

Believe Shirts

This was also a design someone shared in my Silhouette group.  I used glitter holographic material I really liked the glitter material.  I did not have any brown glitter but, I did have a rainbow glitter and with my husbands help we set the gold part of the rainbow just right so that it would cut out the antlers.

So very pleased with how this looks.  My daughter does not like to dress the girls a like but, she is OK with this.  Here it is all laid out ready to be pressed.

Now, here they both are all done and ready to be mailed out.

They are both on white turtleneck shirts the camera just made it look different but, they are the same. Cannot wait to get a photo of them with their new shirts.

Thanksgiving Shirts

In one of my Silhouette groups someone shared this cute turkey design.  We had purchased some shirts to sublimate on but, they are the wrong material so I used heat transfer material on them to do these turkey designs.

The red one is for our first granddaughter who is 2 and the blue one is for her sister.  Really like how they turned out.

Cups for sister in law

My husband and I are really enjoying our new sublimation printer, the SG800.  He designed some coffee cups and wrap kozies for his sister.  They are photos of her camp area bar and fire pit.

We also learned a better time for the mug press.  For an 11oz mug the press is heated to 380 for 180 seconds. The design is done at 8 1/2 width on pre-cut sheets.

Here is the end result.  He made two cups this photo shows the front and the back.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sublimated Dog Tags

I really wanted to sublimate some dog tags so my daughter can take them with her on deployment.  Using Photoshop and the template my husband and I picked out the photos we wanted and then we set it up to print four different times so that we could sublimate four of them at the same time.  All of the dog tags except one had a white background.  They all came out looking really good.  The one without the white background has an antique look to it.

I am so pleased with how they turned out I just cannot get over the color.  Sent a photo to my daughter she was very happy about them.  We made two for her and one for her husband then one for me.

Sublimating more.

I asked my husband to work with me and teach me how to do sublimation on a coffee cup.  While in VA visiting our daughter and family we took some wonderful fall photos.

Using my Silhouette Cameo I used the fall leaves as a back drop.  Then I added the year and where the photo was taken.  We learned that the first cups we did had been in the mug press too long.  So this time my husband did it for 380 degrees for 180 seconds.  The paper came off the cups so easily and the mug turned out really good.  So pleased with how it turned out, looking forward to doing more sublimation projects.

Friday, November 6, 2015

On to sublimation.

I am not in business but, maybe down the road I just might.  My husband and I went to an open house at Conde in Mobile AL, to see the sublimation printers and other products.  We both were hooked and wanted a sublimation printer.  We took a trip to Italy in October and we took a lot of photos.  We decided that getting a sublimation printer would be perfect for the photos we took.  So we took the plunge and now we have a sublimation printer.

I have not done any printing or setting up this has all been done by my husband.  I helped to look for the correct shirts to do the sublimation on but, the rest was all him.

He used the Silhouette Cameo and worked with it to add photos and then send to the sublimation printer.  This was before he set everything up.  But, the coffee cup came out pretty good for being his first project.

We both have some learning to do and that is the fun part about this.
Below is one side of the cup.

Here is the other side of the cup is a view of  Mt. Vesuvius  taken in Pompeii.

He then took a photo that we took in Venice and added some text and sublimated on a koozie wrap. We gave this to our fur babies sitter.  So very pleased with how the color and all turned out.  He used a gradient font so the colors are supposed to look just like the do.

While in Italy we could not find shirts we liked for our granddaughters.  So we decided to make our own, we could not find 100% polyester shirts and since we are still new to this we decided to try some that are part cotton and part polyester.  They looked amazing we then washed them and they faded which we knew they would.  This was a good test and helped us to learn.

Cannot wait to learn more and do more sublimation projects.

Personalized ornaments.

I have seen these ornaments at Michael's every year.  I never see my daughter's name or my grand kids names let alone mine.  Well the other day I found my name, along with my husband's and son's.  I purchased three with our names and four blank ones so that I can put my daughter's family names on them.

Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut out in vinyl their names and then I also cut out the year so all of the ornaments have our names and year. Below is what the ornament looked like before I added the vinyl.

The names I cut out are larger than the ones that has the name already that is why I purchased four so they would all be the same.

 Here is what they look like with the names on them.

Here is the back with the year.
Then here is the ones that already had the names on it.

Just added the year to the back.
I make glitter ornaments and other stuff but, I have always liked these and I am so happy that I did this and everyone has a personalized ornament.