Sunday, September 20, 2015

Decorated Foam Pumpkin

I seen the foam pumpkins in Walmart at a good price so I picked one up.  I have had a ceramic pumpkin that has a Jack O' Lantern face for a long time.  Last year I decorated the back with a Thanks giving saying. So when Halloween is over I just turn the pumpkin around.

So, I decided to do the same thing with this foam pumpkin on one side I have a nice Fall saying and on the other side it is decorated for Halloween.  I used my Silhouette and just cut out the vinyl in brown and black and applied to the pumpkin. 

Here is the Fall side.

Here is the back of the same pumpkin.

Fall Mason Jars

Seen this design on Pinterest and on the craft sites I belong to on Facebook.  Loved the idea and really wanted to try it.  When I heard that Walmart sells jars that have no writing on them that is what I wanted. Here is what I used to make this project.

Glass jars (3)
Spray Paint different colors (3)
Vinyl for design (3)
battery operated candles. (3)

The jars, and paint was purchased at Walmart the vinyl was a piece of outdoor vinyl scrap that I had, along with the twine. The ribbons and the candles I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

Here is what the jars look like.
Then using my Silhouette machine I cut out 3 leaves, I then placed them on the jars.

Here is a photo of the paint that I used. I first used a gold color but, did not like the coverage at all so I covered it with the pumpkin color.  It was not that hot outside but, for some reason the paint was not smooth. the pumpkin one I sprayed too close and it started to drip.  I took a paper towel and started just dotting the towel to take some excess off and I made it look a little better.

I ended up doing three coats of paint on each one, I let them set for an hour between coats.  Then I let them sit for a day before I put the gloss on them.  I did three coats of gloss and they never got shiny.

Here is a photo after the second coat. I kept them separate I did not want the spray to get on the other jars.

Here is a photo of the paint that I used, I will not buy my paint from Walmart again.  First off the pumpkin one had been used did not know until I got home.  Second they did not cover right and my husband thinks the paint is old and no matter what it separated and did not cover like it should have.  The gloss should have been way more shiny and that is due to the paint being old or the gloss being old.  More than likely it is a combination of both being old.

Once they were all dried I took an exacto knife and I scored along the leaves to make it easier to remove.
From there I took and placed ribbon around the top and the tied some twine around the top. The ribbon was done using double stick tape. I plan on taking hot glue and making it more secure.

I had some popcorn and placed it in two jars.  I did not have enough for the last jar so for now I put some glass stones I have.  I will be getting either more popcorn or beans.

Then I took my Dollar Tree battery operated candles and set them inside. Below is a photo using my flash.

Here is one with no flash.
Due to the dripping and me trying to fix it the pumpkin colored one has a molten kind of look.  I do think the paint was old and if it was not and it did not drip these would have looked better.  Since I made these for myself I am pleased with how they turned out.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Faith Tile

My sister in law was here for a visit we have not seen here in over 5 years.  She works overseas, and was back in the states for work and to visit family and friends.  It was nice to see her and have her at our home.
I decided to make her a little something before she left.

I took a 6x6 tile that is brown and looks antique.  I just cut out this saying using a maroon colored vinyl.
Very pleased with how it turned out and I just happened to have a plate stand for it.  It is small enough that she was able to put into her suitcase.

She really liked it and that was all that mattered. It looks crooked but, it actually is the way the design is.
I am pleased with the way it looks on this tile.