Sunday, August 16, 2015

Print and Cut

The other day, while volunteering at the Humane Society of South MS. I mentioned I have a heat press and make shirts.  She asked me if I could make the female Seabee Phoebee.  I told her let me see what I could do.  What I decided to do was a print and cut.  This way it still had the old fashioned colors to it. Plus, it would be quicker and easier to do than a lot of layering.

Her husband was coming home after being deployed and she was so excited.  She has wanted  a shirt with this on it for some time.  I put her name on the back above Phoebee.  It was in Red and looked really good.

Here is the end result with out her name showing.  She was very happy to get this.  I was so happy to make it for her.  Especially being a wife of a retired Navy Seabee.

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