Friday, August 28, 2015

Dry Erase Boards

I found these on Pinterest when of course I was looking for something else.  I went down the rabbit hole and this is what I found.

I never realized that glass would work as a dry erase board. On Pinterest there are so many different things and ways you can do them. 

Our daughter is serving in the Navy and she will be deploying, leaving behind her family which consists of her husband and two little girls ages 2 and 1.  She has deployed before but, she did not have her girls then.

Talking with her we came up with the idea for a communications area that she can set up to have important things all together.

We know it is not going to be easy for her family and her to be a part but, if there is anything I can do to help I will.

Here are the items I used.

5x7 frame (2)  Purchased at Dollar Tree
8.5x11 Document frame (2)   Purchased at Dollar Tree
12x16 frame (1) Purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale half off
Erase pens 3 to a pack with eraser on top. Purchased at Dollar Tree
Small metal cup holder for pens.
Command strips for back of the frames.  They are renting their home so this will hold and not put holes in the walls.

The first one she wanted was a menu.  I checked different sites for ideas and then I just created my own.
I designed it using my Silhouette Cameo.  I then printed it out on this water colored paper, put it in the frame and it was done.  Love how it looks.

Then to go along with the menu board my daughter wanted a groceries list.  I had some nice green scrap paper that would be good for this and it would pull in the green on the menu board.  Using my Silhouette Cameo I traced a shopping cart and placed one on each side of the word groceries.  I printed it out as a 5x7 then I placed it in the frame.
The next board is for important phone numbers, like sitters, medical and things like that.  We all have cell phones but, it is nice to have these numbers handy like this. Plus, when my son in law is out and someone has the girls he can put his number on here.  I used the water color paper with more orange red tone. Then again I used my Silhouette Cameo to set it all up and print it out.  From there I just put in the 8.5x11 frame.
To me everything needed a title, so my husband came up with this.

Then I took the last 5x7 frame and made a to do list with check boxes so it can be marked off. For this I used the water color paper that is yellow and green tone it blends all the others together.  My Silhouette Cameo was also used to do this.
 The last project was to make a calendar, I seen all those done with the paint chips and I wanted something like that.  So I used my Silhouette Cameo and I cut out 35 squares. They are 2 inches wide by 1.75 inches high. I made the corners rounded, I also used 5 different colors.

Then for the days of the week I used my water color paper and I did the five days one color and the weekends a different color.  Since the days of the week do not change I went ahead and did a print and cut. The days of the weeks are 2 inches wide and the height is 0.500

Then I made one for the month, which is also cut using my Silhouette Cameo and water color paper. It is 4 inches wide and 0.490 inches high.

All of this was taped on the back of the paper that came with the frame, I used some double stick tape.  My husband measured and lined everything up so that it was all straight.  Really love how this turned out. I just hope my daughter and family will use this and it will help them out.

Here they all are together, my daughter has a blank wall that this is going to go on.  Packing all these up and mailing to VA was not easy for we did not want them to break.  I am so happy to report all arrived in one piece.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Print and Cut

The other day, while volunteering at the Humane Society of South MS. I mentioned I have a heat press and make shirts.  She asked me if I could make the female Seabee Phoebee.  I told her let me see what I could do.  What I decided to do was a print and cut.  This way it still had the old fashioned colors to it. Plus, it would be quicker and easier to do than a lot of layering.

Her husband was coming home after being deployed and she was so excited.  She has wanted  a shirt with this on it for some time.  I put her name on the back above Phoebee.  It was in Red and looked really good.

Here is the end result with out her name showing.  She was very happy to get this.  I was so happy to make it for her.  Especially being a wife of a retired Navy Seabee.