Monday, July 27, 2015

Wipes Cases

My daughter mentioned getting individual baby wipe cases for the girls.  Since they are in different classes in church and they are not always together.  I could not find any at the Dollar Tree but, a couple days later I did find two at Family Dollar.  They had a label on them and I used Goo Gone.  It took a little bit but, I finally got it off.

My oldest granddaughter's nickname is Monkey so I put monkeys on hers.  Then her sister's nickname is turtle so I put turtles on hers.  I added bows to the monkeys and I really like how they turned out.

After seeing the bows on the monkeys I felt the turtle one needed something more to make it more girly.  At first I was going to add some flowers but, then I decided to add bows.

I actually liked how the bows looked so I added one to her birthday card which is also a turtle.  Below are the photos of the wipes cases.


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