Monday, July 27, 2015

Small cutting board

I decided to go along with the coffee cups I would put vinyl on a small cutting board.  This size of board is perfect to use next to a coffee maker to hold spoons and items.

I mirror the vinyl so that it will show correctly through the top of the cutting board.  I almost did not get this to my daughter.  For some reason, my cutting machine was cutting all the way through and the small letters were getting tore up. 

After three tries I had all of it but, then when I was weeding the last part got stuck to the excess vinyl. I ended up cutting the last two lines and then lining it up with the transfer paper so it could all transfer together.

I was lucky enough to get it all done and in the mail.  They will arrive to my daughter's home before the auction and before my granddaughter's birthday.  There are items in the box for her and her sister.

Here is how the cutting board turned out.  I have this exact saying by my coffee maker and I just love it.

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