Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July

I have been putting off making a shirt for the Fourth of July.  The only shirt I had was over sized so I needed a different shirt just never got around to getting one.  Then I did not want a design that was just for the Fourth of July.

So on the Fourth of July my husband and I went to yoga and had a coffee and muffin after then we came home. I decided I was going to make a shirt before we went to the Bay St.. Louis Crab Festival.

I showed my husband a couple designs that I had from my Facebook Silhouette groups. There is a man on the site that is very talented and he shares his designs.  The design he picked was the same one I wanted. Problem was I did not have time to do this as a layered heat transfer material. 

So I used Papilio injet color transfer paper and did a print.  I planned on doing a print and cut using the Silhouette but, really did not have time to make sure it would work correctly.  So I opted to just print it and then cut it out by hand and press it on the shirt.

I did not measure where it would go I just eyed it and then pressed it.  I actually am very pleased how it turned out.

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