Monday, July 13, 2015

Campground Flag

I have seen a campground saying awhile back that I thought was perfect for my sister in law.  Then someone uploaded a file in one of the Facebook groups I belong to. 

I really liked the file but, was just not sure about the marshmallows.  So I found some marshmallows on sticks and traced them.  I was very happy how they turned out.  I talked to my husband about the colors that I wanted to use and how they would look on a flag that looks like burlap. 

I found another flame, I wanted one with more to it.  I could not get the shape to release and have separate pieces so I duplicated the flame and took one of the shapes and took it a part.

From there I cut out the bottom part which is the logs in brown then the center part in a dark red color and the top part in orange.  Then the part that was all together I cut out in black.

Then I laid the logs, red flame and then orange flame on top of the black shape this worked good it had a few spots that were thick from the different layers but, it still lined up well and looked good.

For the marshmallows I layered the white and then I placed a tan oval color on the top to make it look like it had gotten toasted.

My sister in law just loved her new sign and I am very happy how it turned out.

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