Monday, July 27, 2015

Small cutting board

I decided to go along with the coffee cups I would put vinyl on a small cutting board.  This size of board is perfect to use next to a coffee maker to hold spoons and items.

I mirror the vinyl so that it will show correctly through the top of the cutting board.  I almost did not get this to my daughter.  For some reason, my cutting machine was cutting all the way through and the small letters were getting tore up. 

After three tries I had all of it but, then when I was weeding the last part got stuck to the excess vinyl. I ended up cutting the last two lines and then lining it up with the transfer paper so it could all transfer together.

I was lucky enough to get it all done and in the mail.  They will arrive to my daughter's home before the auction and before my granddaughter's birthday.  There are items in the box for her and her sister.

Here is how the cutting board turned out.  I have this exact saying by my coffee maker and I just love it.

Irish Coffee Mugs

My daughter's mothers group is having an auction in September.  They are looking for donations from businesses.  I am not a business but, I have sent items to them before.  So I decided to donate some Irish coffee mugs.  I gave my daughter a couple different designs to pick from and she decided on the compass.

Below is a photo of it all weeded and taped on the glass.  Next step is etching.

I did not get a photo with the etching creme on the glasses but, I let it sit on there for 45 minutes.
Here is the end result, I am very happy how these turned out.

Wipes Cases

My daughter mentioned getting individual baby wipe cases for the girls.  Since they are in different classes in church and they are not always together.  I could not find any at the Dollar Tree but, a couple days later I did find two at Family Dollar.  They had a label on them and I used Goo Gone.  It took a little bit but, I finally got it off.

My oldest granddaughter's nickname is Monkey so I put monkeys on hers.  Then her sister's nickname is turtle so I put turtles on hers.  I added bows to the monkeys and I really like how they turned out.

After seeing the bows on the monkeys I felt the turtle one needed something more to make it more girly.  At first I was going to add some flowers but, then I decided to add bows.

I actually liked how the bows looked so I added one to her birthday card which is also a turtle.  Below are the photos of the wipes cases.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Second Granddaughter's Birthday Card

At the end of this month it will be our second granddaughter's first birthday!  She arrived the day after my birthday.  Her name is Tifa and I started calling her Tifa Turtle before she was even born.  So I made her a cool turtle card that I purchased from the Silhouette store.  I came across some card stock at Tuesday Mornings, that is called water colors.  It is so pretty and cool I knew it would be perfect for the card.

For the eye I used the back of the card stock that I had used for the shell and I used the black part of the eye from the same card stock. This was just so easy all I had to do was put it together. Really like the different colors and how it looks.

Here is an update, I was working on baby wipes cases for my granddaughter's and I decided to add a bow to the turtle card. 
Her birthday is Friday and a box went out today it is due to arrive on Wednesday.  Love how the bow looks on the card.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Campground Flag

I have seen a campground saying awhile back that I thought was perfect for my sister in law.  Then someone uploaded a file in one of the Facebook groups I belong to. 

I really liked the file but, was just not sure about the marshmallows.  So I found some marshmallows on sticks and traced them.  I was very happy how they turned out.  I talked to my husband about the colors that I wanted to use and how they would look on a flag that looks like burlap. 

I found another flame, I wanted one with more to it.  I could not get the shape to release and have separate pieces so I duplicated the flame and took one of the shapes and took it a part.

From there I cut out the bottom part which is the logs in brown then the center part in a dark red color and the top part in orange.  Then the part that was all together I cut out in black.

Then I laid the logs, red flame and then orange flame on top of the black shape this worked good it had a few spots that were thick from the different layers but, it still lined up well and looked good.

For the marshmallows I layered the white and then I placed a tan oval color on the top to make it look like it had gotten toasted.

My sister in law just loved her new sign and I am very happy how it turned out.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July

I have been putting off making a shirt for the Fourth of July.  The only shirt I had was over sized so I needed a different shirt just never got around to getting one.  Then I did not want a design that was just for the Fourth of July.

So on the Fourth of July my husband and I went to yoga and had a coffee and muffin after then we came home. I decided I was going to make a shirt before we went to the Bay St.. Louis Crab Festival.

I showed my husband a couple designs that I had from my Facebook Silhouette groups. There is a man on the site that is very talented and he shares his designs.  The design he picked was the same one I wanted. Problem was I did not have time to do this as a layered heat transfer material. 

So I used Papilio injet color transfer paper and did a print.  I planned on doing a print and cut using the Silhouette but, really did not have time to make sure it would work correctly.  So I opted to just print it and then cut it out by hand and press it on the shirt.

I did not measure where it would go I just eyed it and then pressed it.  I actually am very pleased how it turned out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Millennium Falcon

In one of my Facebook groups someone had posted a photo of the millennium falcon ship, that they did in vinyl as soon as I seen it I thought of my daughter who is a huge Star Wars fan.

I sent her a message with the image and asked if she would like it and she of course said yes. I had no white heat transfer vinyl so I just purchased some Cricut heat transfer material from Hobby Lobby.

It cut with no problem but, the wedding part was hard since it was white.  For the life of me I could not do it.  So I let my husband do it, he did an amazing job.

Here is the shirt I am putting it on, I have a tile underneath it and it has been pressed.

Now it is all set for the design to be pressed to the shirt.  Once it is all lined up I put a cotton towel between the iron and the shirt / design.  I press for a good 30 to 35 seconds.  Then I move it around to make sure I get every area. I press really hard.

Once done I remove the towel and I press really hard on the transfer sheet.  After that I pull it off and it is all done.  I sent it off to my daughter she loved it, I have not seen a photo of it yet.  But, here is a photo once it was done before I mailed it out.  So happy how it turned out.