Monday, June 1, 2015

Ribbon Flower with headband.

I purchased some purple and teal colored ribbon to make a bow, that I would attach to a purple headband.  This was to go with my granddaughters first birthday shirt.

I have the Bowdabra but, I seem to have trouble making good bows with it.  I looked on Pinterest and I pinned some good sites. 

Today, I was all set to make what looked like a really easy and cute ribbon flower.  The problem I had was the size of the ribbon.  I purchased 7/8 inch.  I needed 3/8 inch. I went ahead and followed the directions.  Here is the site that I used.

The problem was it was thicker and harder to make into a figure eight.  but, I followed each step and then I went and checked a couple stores near by and they did not have the color or size I needed. I tried folding the ribbon in half but, it was worse and too bulky.

Even through the ribbon was bigger, I was still able to create a ribbon flower it just was puffier than the instructions. 

Here is what I did to make this.  I forgot to take photos along the way but, follow the link above and you can see just what I did.  The only difference I used a wider ribbon.

  • ribbon (7/8 in width, any color or type)
  • rhinestone
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
    I then cut 4 lengths of ribbon to about 8 inches.

    Form a loop by overlapping the ends together and attaching with a dab of glue. Then, form the figure eight by placing a dab of glue inside the center of your loop (over where you just glued the loop together) and twisting the ribbon slightly as you press down. Repeat with three remaining pieces of ribbon.
    Stack the figure eights into an chris cross shape, gluing to each other between the layers.
    I had a pretty blue gem that matched the blue ribbon so I put it in the center and I put some permanent double sided tape on the back and attached it to the headband. 

    Looking forward to seeing the photos.

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