Thursday, June 18, 2015

Layered Card

I have only made a couple cards but, I wanted to make a monkey card for my granddaughter's second birthday.  When I purchased some designs I thought I had purchased a monkey card but, it was a bear card.  I then went back to the Silhouette store I could not find a monkey card but, I did find a cute monkey with the thought of making it into a card.

Here is what the bear card looks like and I wanted to try and do the same thing with the monkey card.
Here is what the monkey looks like from the Silhouette store.
When I downloaded the monkey all the cut parts were color coded.  I opened the bear card to get the concept of how the card worked.  First thing I did was put the monkey together on the screen before cutting so I could see to things how the parts went together and if I could make it into a card.

Some of the parts would go behind and some would go in front.  Then with my husband's input I took the back layer and mirrored it above.  Then I took the two pieces and lined them up just past the bow shadow.

Then I took the middle out of the bear card where it is marked for a fold.  I copied that over to the monkey card and put it on.  So that it would cut out and have the dotted lines for easy folding.

I took the monkey design and placed it over the bottom layer to make sure that it fit the bottom layer and was not too big or too small. I did not have to change the size at all.

I cut it out and was so happy how it worked. Here are some photos of what I did.  First photo not really good but, you can see how
Here it is folded, from here I cut out each piece.  Once it was all cut I put it together without glue.
Making sure how each piece fit and to get the proper layering knowing that some go behind and some go in front.

Once I was set with my design, I started gluing parts but, not to the body.  Then little by little I had all the parts glued and then I was ready to put it on the body. 

So happy with how it turned out.  At the last minute I thought the monkey's stomach needed something and I cut out the number 2, I used the green color that I used for the flowers stem to pull those colors together.  I measured the size with the circle for the stomach.

I have not made envelopes yet and this does not fit the envelopes I have. but, this is going in a box so I will just create something for it. 

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