Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The problem with not having a business and not having a large group of family and friends is I buy items then they just sit around and collect.

Take for instance the garden flags I purchased last fall. I ordered four of them and I only decorated one for Fall.  The rest have just been sitting around.

Today, I seen the hook for the flags and I decided that I would decorate one of the flags for our yard.  Of course my yard is not full of pretty plants and flowers, this year I did not do any gardening.

I had a couple designs in mind, one had our name on it.  Then I remembered that my husband and I do not like to have our name on things.  So I did some more looking and came up with just our initial in a scroll design.  Theses were purchased from the Silhouette store.

Here is what the flag looks like before I put the design on it.

I know it is more of a Fall style but, I decided to put a nice bright color on the flag so that it can be used for all seasons.  Below is the end result, I cropped the photo as best as I could to not show that in June we still have leaves in the yard.  I like how this turned out.

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