Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The problem with not having a business and not having a large group of family and friends is I buy items then they just sit around and collect.

Take for instance the garden flags I purchased last fall. I ordered four of them and I only decorated one for Fall.  The rest have just been sitting around.

Today, I seen the hook for the flags and I decided that I would decorate one of the flags for our yard.  Of course my yard is not full of pretty plants and flowers, this year I did not do any gardening.

I had a couple designs in mind, one had our name on it.  Then I remembered that my husband and I do not like to have our name on things.  So I did some more looking and came up with just our initial in a scroll design.  Theses were purchased from the Silhouette store.

Here is what the flag looks like before I put the design on it.

I know it is more of a Fall style but, I decided to put a nice bright color on the flag so that it can be used for all seasons.  Below is the end result, I cropped the photo as best as I could to not show that in June we still have leaves in the yard.  I like how this turned out.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saguaro Glasses.

Back on June 15, 2013 I etched some dollar tree Saguaro glasses for my Navy friends who are from Arizona.  I put both their names on the glasses.  A while after this one ended up broken so for the longest time I was looking for the glasses to come back to the Dollar Tree so that I could etch a new one.

It took until 2015 for me to find some and that was just by accident they just happened to get a shipment in.  So I first picked up just one then my husband and I went back and picked up some more.

For some reason I did not save the design but, working with my friend I found the right font and was able to re-create what I needed.

Since we purchased more I etched her name on one and on the other two I etched the words Amigo. These came out better than the first ones I did.  They had drips and other errors. One of the Amigo glasses does have some etching drips but, it does not look too bad.

This couple has been living in Pensacola so we have really gotten to know each other and today we are getting together.  I cannot wait to bring these to her and replace the broken one.

Here is a link to the first ones I did.
Below are photos of the glasses that I did.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Layered Card

I have only made a couple cards but, I wanted to make a monkey card for my granddaughter's second birthday.  When I purchased some designs I thought I had purchased a monkey card but, it was a bear card.  I then went back to the Silhouette store I could not find a monkey card but, I did find a cute monkey with the thought of making it into a card.

Here is what the bear card looks like and I wanted to try and do the same thing with the monkey card.
Here is what the monkey looks like from the Silhouette store.
When I downloaded the monkey all the cut parts were color coded.  I opened the bear card to get the concept of how the card worked.  First thing I did was put the monkey together on the screen before cutting so I could see to things how the parts went together and if I could make it into a card.

Some of the parts would go behind and some would go in front.  Then with my husband's input I took the back layer and mirrored it above.  Then I took the two pieces and lined them up just past the bow shadow.

Then I took the middle out of the bear card where it is marked for a fold.  I copied that over to the monkey card and put it on.  So that it would cut out and have the dotted lines for easy folding.

I took the monkey design and placed it over the bottom layer to make sure that it fit the bottom layer and was not too big or too small. I did not have to change the size at all.

I cut it out and was so happy how it worked. Here are some photos of what I did.  First photo not really good but, you can see how
Here it is folded, from here I cut out each piece.  Once it was all cut I put it together without glue.
Making sure how each piece fit and to get the proper layering knowing that some go behind and some go in front.

Once I was set with my design, I started gluing parts but, not to the body.  Then little by little I had all the parts glued and then I was ready to put it on the body. 

So happy with how it turned out.  At the last minute I thought the monkey's stomach needed something and I cut out the number 2, I used the green color that I used for the flowers stem to pull those colors together.  I measured the size with the circle for the stomach.

I have not made envelopes yet and this does not fit the envelopes I have. but, this is going in a box so I will just create something for it. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ribbon Flower with headband.

I purchased some purple and teal colored ribbon to make a bow, that I would attach to a purple headband.  This was to go with my granddaughters first birthday shirt.

I have the Bowdabra but, I seem to have trouble making good bows with it.  I looked on Pinterest and I pinned some good sites. 

Today, I was all set to make what looked like a really easy and cute ribbon flower.  The problem I had was the size of the ribbon.  I purchased 7/8 inch.  I needed 3/8 inch. I went ahead and followed the directions.  Here is the site that I used.

The problem was it was thicker and harder to make into a figure eight.  but, I followed each step and then I went and checked a couple stores near by and they did not have the color or size I needed. I tried folding the ribbon in half but, it was worse and too bulky.

Even through the ribbon was bigger, I was still able to create a ribbon flower it just was puffier than the instructions. 

Here is what I did to make this.  I forgot to take photos along the way but, follow the link above and you can see just what I did.  The only difference I used a wider ribbon.

  • ribbon (7/8 in width, any color or type)
  • rhinestone
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
    I then cut 4 lengths of ribbon to about 8 inches.

    Form a loop by overlapping the ends together and attaching with a dab of glue. Then, form the figure eight by placing a dab of glue inside the center of your loop (over where you just glued the loop together) and twisting the ribbon slightly as you press down. Repeat with three remaining pieces of ribbon.
    Stack the figure eights into an chris cross shape, gluing to each other between the layers.
    I had a pretty blue gem that matched the blue ribbon so I put it in the center and I put some permanent double sided tape on the back and attached it to the headband. 

    Looking forward to seeing the photos.