Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Print and Cut 2

Last June I purchased some heat transfer material that you can print on and then cut before applying to material.  The material is called Square 1 Masterpiece.  I do like this material but, it is a bit thick, you also do not mirror this material.

Since then I found a different material and was curious to try it.  This is called Papilio Inkjet Light Color Transfer Paper.  I purchased it from

This material is thin like copy paper and you do mirror your image. It comes with real easy to follow directions. 

So the first print and cut I did was a baby shirt for our first granddaughter that has an American bow and the words Navy Brat on it.   Navy Brat is what Navy dependents are called. Our daughter was a Navy brat and now she is serving in the Navy.

My daughter wanted some Fourth of July shirts for her girls and I realized the first Navy Brat shirt I made might fit one of her girls.  Come to find out that the shirt is a 24 months so it will fit her oldest daughter, which the shirt was made for.

I decided to make the same shirt for her second daughter, the girls are only 13 months apart and my daughter does not like her girls to dress the same so I needed to do something a little different.

The design is the exact same, all I added was the number 2.
Using my Silhouette Cameo I created my design and made sure to have my registration marks. 
Then I put it in my printer, making sure the NON-GLOSSY side is printed on. Just check to see how your printer feeds so you know which side to put up or down.  Once it is printed I let it sit for 30 mins or more to let the ink dry.

Then I set it up on my Silhouette Cameo, I make sure to have a really bright light shining on the Silhouette so that the registration marks can be read. Then all I did was set it to cut. 

Again remember to mirror your image.  I love this material it is thin and printed very good and it cut with no issues.  Then all that is need is to iron it on.  I use a regular iron with a tile under the shirt it really helps with the heat.

Below is the end result, it does not seem to be as bright ans the Square 1 Masterpiece material but, it is thinner and applies better so I am very happy with it and will buy it again.

A small amount of red ink smeared from the Y in the Navy Brat.  I took some rubbing alcohol and most came off. But, other than that very pleased with the results.

My granddaughters will wear these on the Fourth of July and the oldest will wear red shorts and the youngest will wear lite blue shorts could not find dark blue.  They are all set and ready for the Fourth of July. 

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