Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No Sew Fabric and Holographic HTV / First Birthday Shirt Second Granddaughter.

End of July, my second granddaughter will be turning one.  I wanted to make sure I make her shirt was different from the one I made for her sister.

My daughter asked that her shirt be purple and blue.  I had purchased some holographic material in purple so I decided to use that.  When I did my first granddaughters second birthday shirt I tried fabric with holographic material.  Here is the link showing what materials I used and what you need to do to make this.

I used the same material and technique to do this shirt.  I designed the shirt using my Silhouette Cameo.  For the number one I did an offset so that it would be bigger and lay over the material. Then I took the original number one and a chevron pattern and cropped the pattern into the one.

I cut a square of blue material and the heat and bond material and ironed them together.  Then I set it up on the Silhouette to cut.  Once it was cut I went ahead and cut out all the holographic material.

For cutting holographic material here is the settings:  
Blade 5
Speed 8
Thickness 15
Double Cut

Important: Mirror the HTV design, but keep the fabric design as is.

For the cup cake I was trying to figure out how I can put purple material underneath and have blue holographic material over the cupcake.  Talking to my husband and showing him the cupcake design he told me to just take all the dots from the inside of the design off.  The just cut the outside.

I cut a square of purple material and the heat and bond material and ironed them together.  Then I set it up on the Silhouette to cut.   Once everything was cut and weeded all I needed to do was set it up on the shirt.

After the placement of the design was set I took everything off and placed the material and pressed it.  Then I took the words and set them down before I applied the holographic material that was going over the fabric.  I love the one and cupcake as is but, of course I was going to jazz it up.

 So here it is completed, the second photo shows more brightness to the color.  The purple holographic looks blue but, when the light hits it you can see it is purple.  So very happy how this turned out. 

On the back I put G-Baby in blue just like I did for the first granddaughter hers was in pink.

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