Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Little Pony Cupcake Toppers

My first grandchild is having a second birthday party and the theme is My Little Pony. I have already created her birthday shirt.  Now, I am making cupcake toppers.  I found this site that offers free My Little Pony printable cupcake toppers.

I downloaded the print and it is a PDF. Then in the PDF program I clicked on the edit tab and clicked, take a snapshot.  I copied the photo and opened the Silhouette Cameo program and pasted it there.

From there I drew circles over the ponies to cut, this was not easy for the photo moved a lot and I just could not get the circles to all be the same size and line up on the ponies just right.

I then zoomed in so I could see much better and then I just shifted each circle and just did my best. Since I was doing front and back I needed 48 for a total of 24 cupcakes. 

Using my Silhouette Cameo I used registration marks and I printed the design on label paper. Below is a photo of what I used. One sheet of sticker paper printed one set of 12.
After it was printed I let the ink dry just a few minutes then I placed it on the Silhouette mat.  I made sure that the only cut marks are the circles.  I had a bright light over the Cameo so that the registration marks could be read.   I set the Silhouette Cameo on Printable Sticker Paper (Silhouette Brand) Speed is 8 Thickness 14 and blade at 2

This worked great it did not cut all the way through so the paper part of the sticker stayed with the sticker.
Once they were all printed and cut, I matched them up and took one and put a tooth pick on it then lined up the second one to the back. Below is the end result.

Here they are all done and ready to be sent to my daughter.  I counted wrong and ended up making more but, that is ok she can use them for decorations.

I also made my granddaughter a sticker for her birthday shirt. Here is the link to the shirt I did for her.

I did not put birthday girl on her shirt so she could wear it after her birthday.  That is why I decided to make the sticker. The butterflies were outlined with black but, for some reason they did not print. I was going to print again but, when I put the sticker on top the black shirt it looked just fine.

I really enjoyed doing this for her party and even through I could not get all the circles the same. I am very pleased with how they all turned out.

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