Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bath poof wreath.

I missed finishing this up for Memorial Day.  I took time off from crafting to spend time with my husband.  The wreath is a green foam from the Dollar Tree.  The bath poofs are from Dollar General I could not find the colors I needed at Dollar Tree.

The wreath snapped apart at the seam really easy.  Then I added the blue poof it is just one poof. From there I cut the red and white into thirds.  Starting with the red I alternated colors.  Then it just sat on the table for a few day.

Today, at Michaels I found some felt glitter stars in red, white and blue, they are stickers so no glue was needed to apply.

I just added some white stars to the blue poof.  Then I had this ribbon that I purchased just because I liked it and hoped to find something to use it for.

I do not do well on bows, it is just a simple loop and then let some hang.  I put a string by the tied part and I tied it around the poof. 

This is all set for the rest of the patriotic holidays.

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