Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Little Pony Cupcake Toppers

My first grandchild is having a second birthday party and the theme is My Little Pony. I have already created her birthday shirt.  Now, I am making cupcake toppers.  I found this site that offers free My Little Pony printable cupcake toppers.

I downloaded the print and it is a PDF. Then in the PDF program I clicked on the edit tab and clicked, take a snapshot.  I copied the photo and opened the Silhouette Cameo program and pasted it there.

From there I drew circles over the ponies to cut, this was not easy for the photo moved a lot and I just could not get the circles to all be the same size and line up on the ponies just right.

I then zoomed in so I could see much better and then I just shifted each circle and just did my best. Since I was doing front and back I needed 48 for a total of 24 cupcakes. 

Using my Silhouette Cameo I used registration marks and I printed the design on label paper. Below is a photo of what I used. One sheet of sticker paper printed one set of 12.
After it was printed I let the ink dry just a few minutes then I placed it on the Silhouette mat.  I made sure that the only cut marks are the circles.  I had a bright light over the Cameo so that the registration marks could be read.   I set the Silhouette Cameo on Printable Sticker Paper (Silhouette Brand) Speed is 8 Thickness 14 and blade at 2

This worked great it did not cut all the way through so the paper part of the sticker stayed with the sticker.
Once they were all printed and cut, I matched them up and took one and put a tooth pick on it then lined up the second one to the back. Below is the end result.

Here they are all done and ready to be sent to my daughter.  I counted wrong and ended up making more but, that is ok she can use them for decorations.

I also made my granddaughter a sticker for her birthday shirt. Here is the link to the shirt I did for her.

I did not put birthday girl on her shirt so she could wear it after her birthday.  That is why I decided to make the sticker. The butterflies were outlined with black but, for some reason they did not print. I was going to print again but, when I put the sticker on top the black shirt it looked just fine.

I really enjoyed doing this for her party and even through I could not get all the circles the same. I am very pleased with how they all turned out.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bath poof wreath.

I missed finishing this up for Memorial Day.  I took time off from crafting to spend time with my husband.  The wreath is a green foam from the Dollar Tree.  The bath poofs are from Dollar General I could not find the colors I needed at Dollar Tree.

The wreath snapped apart at the seam really easy.  Then I added the blue poof it is just one poof. From there I cut the red and white into thirds.  Starting with the red I alternated colors.  Then it just sat on the table for a few day.

Today, at Michaels I found some felt glitter stars in red, white and blue, they are stickers so no glue was needed to apply.

I just added some white stars to the blue poof.  Then I had this ribbon that I purchased just because I liked it and hoped to find something to use it for.

I do not do well on bows, it is just a simple loop and then let some hang.  I put a string by the tied part and I tied it around the poof. 

This is all set for the rest of the patriotic holidays.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No Sew Fabric and Holographic HTV / First Birthday Shirt Second Granddaughter.

End of July, my second granddaughter will be turning one.  I wanted to make sure I make her shirt was different from the one I made for her sister.

My daughter asked that her shirt be purple and blue.  I had purchased some holographic material in purple so I decided to use that.  When I did my first granddaughters second birthday shirt I tried fabric with holographic material.  Here is the link showing what materials I used and what you need to do to make this.

I used the same material and technique to do this shirt.  I designed the shirt using my Silhouette Cameo.  For the number one I did an offset so that it would be bigger and lay over the material. Then I took the original number one and a chevron pattern and cropped the pattern into the one.

I cut a square of blue material and the heat and bond material and ironed them together.  Then I set it up on the Silhouette to cut.  Once it was cut I went ahead and cut out all the holographic material.

For cutting holographic material here is the settings:  
Blade 5
Speed 8
Thickness 15
Double Cut

Important: Mirror the HTV design, but keep the fabric design as is.

For the cup cake I was trying to figure out how I can put purple material underneath and have blue holographic material over the cupcake.  Talking to my husband and showing him the cupcake design he told me to just take all the dots from the inside of the design off.  The just cut the outside.

I cut a square of purple material and the heat and bond material and ironed them together.  Then I set it up on the Silhouette to cut.   Once everything was cut and weeded all I needed to do was set it up on the shirt.

After the placement of the design was set I took everything off and placed the material and pressed it.  Then I took the words and set them down before I applied the holographic material that was going over the fabric.  I love the one and cupcake as is but, of course I was going to jazz it up.

 So here it is completed, the second photo shows more brightness to the color.  The purple holographic looks blue but, when the light hits it you can see it is purple.  So very happy how this turned out. 

On the back I put G-Baby in blue just like I did for the first granddaughter hers was in pink.

Print and Cut 2

Last June I purchased some heat transfer material that you can print on and then cut before applying to material.  The material is called Square 1 Masterpiece.  I do like this material but, it is a bit thick, you also do not mirror this material.

Since then I found a different material and was curious to try it.  This is called Papilio Inkjet Light Color Transfer Paper.  I purchased it from

This material is thin like copy paper and you do mirror your image. It comes with real easy to follow directions. 

So the first print and cut I did was a baby shirt for our first granddaughter that has an American bow and the words Navy Brat on it.   Navy Brat is what Navy dependents are called. Our daughter was a Navy brat and now she is serving in the Navy.

My daughter wanted some Fourth of July shirts for her girls and I realized the first Navy Brat shirt I made might fit one of her girls.  Come to find out that the shirt is a 24 months so it will fit her oldest daughter, which the shirt was made for.

I decided to make the same shirt for her second daughter, the girls are only 13 months apart and my daughter does not like her girls to dress the same so I needed to do something a little different.

The design is the exact same, all I added was the number 2.
Using my Silhouette Cameo I created my design and made sure to have my registration marks. 
Then I put it in my printer, making sure the NON-GLOSSY side is printed on. Just check to see how your printer feeds so you know which side to put up or down.  Once it is printed I let it sit for 30 mins or more to let the ink dry.

Then I set it up on my Silhouette Cameo, I make sure to have a really bright light shining on the Silhouette so that the registration marks can be read. Then all I did was set it to cut. 

Again remember to mirror your image.  I love this material it is thin and printed very good and it cut with no issues.  Then all that is need is to iron it on.  I use a regular iron with a tile under the shirt it really helps with the heat.

Below is the end result, it does not seem to be as bright ans the Square 1 Masterpiece material but, it is thinner and applies better so I am very happy with it and will buy it again.

A small amount of red ink smeared from the Y in the Navy Brat.  I took some rubbing alcohol and most came off. But, other than that very pleased with the results.

My granddaughters will wear these on the Fourth of July and the oldest will wear red shorts and the youngest will wear lite blue shorts could not find dark blue.  They are all set and ready for the Fourth of July. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walking Dead / Daryl Dixon Glasses

I am writing this on May 4th, 2015 and it will be published on May 13th, after I return from my trip. This coming weekend a family friend will be graduating from college in GA.  We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished.

My husband and I wanted to do something different for her graduation.  So we decided to etch the character Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead series on some glasses.  Then we will put some money inside with the glasses.  She is a huge fan of this show and we are so pleased with how they turned out.

In one of the Facebook groups I belong in someone uploaded a file of Daryl Dixon. Using my Silhouette Cameo I set it up to cut out the design.  Then I decided to place a square around the image so that it was all set to just weed and place on the glass and I had plenty of material to cover the glasses.
We still used some tape to cover areas.  I used Armour Etching creme and I let it sit for 30 mins.

Here is a photo of the end result, I cannot wait until she sees them.  We know she is going to love them.

Shirts for Girls Trip

I am writing this on May 4, 2015 but, it will not post until May 13th.  A very close family friend will be graduating college in GA on May 9th.  What she and her family does not know is our daughter is coming down from VA to surprise everyone.

The plan was for my husband and I to drive from MS to GA.  Our daughter is driving from VA with her two daughters both under the age of two.  Her husband cannot make it, so it was just going to be the three of them.

Then I decided that I would fly to VA and help her out by driving with her to GA.  Then drive back with her and fly home a couple days later.

Our friends have not seen our second granddaughter and some have not seen our first granddaughter so this will be a lot of fun to surprise them.

I wanted to make some matching shirts for my daughter, granddaughters and myself.  Normally I do not like to match anyone but, I thought this would be cool.

It took a while to come up with a design but, once I did I was so happy with what I picked and how everything turned out.

Using the holographic rainbow material and my Silhouette cameo I cut this out and ironed it on our shirts. Here is a photo of all of them.

They all look a like except the youngest granddaughter's which is on the left in the photo, turned out with more green color.

Here is the front of our shirts. Using Siser Easy Weed and my Silhouette Cameo I cut out an anchor and then added our monograms. The first photo is the granddaughter's and the second photo is my daughter and mine.