Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baby onesis

My niece, is having a baby shower next weekend.  Looking through my supplies I seen that I had 6 onesis in 3 different sizes.  I decided to take all of them and put various designs on them.  It took me a little bit to come up with what I wanted.  Here is the final results.

I found the animals and creatures on this site.

I used a different elephant and giraffe.

I seen on Pinterest the idea for the first two shirts.  I just happen to have the state of Mississippi outline and I have a design that reads nuts about you and I erased everything but, the peanut. Then I was all set and ready to go.

I started doing these last night and I remembered to mirror. This morning I did not mirror but, lucky for me it was just the elephant and octopus I was doing and it did not matter if they had been mirrored or not. 

I did the home grown and the little peanut in the two newborn sizes that I had.

The next ones are long sleeved and 18 months size. I did an octopus and a layered elephant.

 For the elephant, I did an offset in a maroon color and then inside color is bubble gum pink. I like it as an outline inside of being filled in.
The last ones are 24 months and I put a giraffe and a little bird on them.
Wanted something cute and simple.  Doing these little animals / creatures was the perfect thing to do.
 Hope you enjoyed my blog, thanks for stopping by.

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