Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baby onesis

My niece, is having a baby shower next weekend.  Looking through my supplies I seen that I had 6 onesis in 3 different sizes.  I decided to take all of them and put various designs on them.  It took me a little bit to come up with what I wanted.  Here is the final results.

I found the animals and creatures on this site.

I used a different elephant and giraffe.

I seen on Pinterest the idea for the first two shirts.  I just happen to have the state of Mississippi outline and I have a design that reads nuts about you and I erased everything but, the peanut. Then I was all set and ready to go.

I started doing these last night and I remembered to mirror. This morning I did not mirror but, lucky for me it was just the elephant and octopus I was doing and it did not matter if they had been mirrored or not. 

I did the home grown and the little peanut in the two newborn sizes that I had.

The next ones are long sleeved and 18 months size. I did an octopus and a layered elephant.

 For the elephant, I did an offset in a maroon color and then inside color is bubble gum pink. I like it as an outline inside of being filled in.
The last ones are 24 months and I put a giraffe and a little bird on them.
Wanted something cute and simple.  Doing these little animals / creatures was the perfect thing to do.
 Hope you enjoyed my blog, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 13, 2015

No Sew Fabric and Holographic HTV

So I do not sew, if I can find a way to get around doing something without having to sew I will.
I have seen a couple people using fabric and heat transfer material and I really wanted to try this. Last month Silhouette School did a really good blog on how to do this.

I had picked up some small bundles of fabric and Heat and Bond from Hobby Lobby to try this.

This project is a birthday shirt for my first granddaughter, she will be two in June. 
She loves My Little Pony.  The plan was to put My Little Pony on the front using rainbow holographic heat transfer material.

For the back I wanted to use the material and cut out a two and the outline it using the rainbow holographic material.

For this all I needed was the number two, I already had one in my Silhouette library. Now, that I have the fabric design and it is sized the way I need.  It is time to create the HTV outline.

What you want to do is create a frame by using the offset tool.  You need to make both an external and internal offset.

I started making an internal offset, I wanted it a little thick so I put it at 1.15  Then I clicked back on the original border.  Make sure it is the original shape not the internal offset. Now, make an offset using the external offset.  This one I also made, it 1.15.

The two offsets will make a frame, that will cover the edge of the fabric just slightly on both the inside and the outside.

Next select the original design and pull it away from the two offsets you created.  Select both offsets at the same time right click make compound path.   This will keep them together and allow you to fill the frame while keeping the middle transparent.

Important: Mirror the HTV design, but keep the fabric design as is.

I took the fabric and pressed it out, then I I took the heat and bond and cut it to the size of the fabric. I lined it up and then pressed the heat and bond to the fabric. The rough side of the heat and bond faces the fabric. Press for only 2 seconds, then you put the fabric on the mat.

In Silhouette Studio, move the HTV border design off the virtual mat, and from the Cut Style window select  fabric, I put the blade at 4. Did not change any other settings. It cut with no problem, once it was cut I took the paper backing off of the heat and bond. With this design there was no weeding to do so all I needed to do was place on the shirt.

 I then cut the holographic design and placed it directly onto the fabric being careful to cover the edges. 
 Here is where I ran into a small problem, I should have made the internal offset smaller so that it would cover the edges of the fabric better. 
It is hard to see it but, the edges show, just slightly.  But, I went ahead and cut the My Little Pony design for the front. I really like how this looks. Once it was all set it was ready to be pressed.
Here it is all pressed using a regular iron and ceramic tile between the shirt.
Having the edges, showing on the two really bothered me.  I re-did the internal offset but, only cut the internal offset and I did not combine it with the external so there was another mistake.

Then I tried placing parts of the holographic material on the fabric to take care of the edges. That just made a mess.  So I took the new internal and old external and right clicked and made compound path.
and cut it one last time.

Once it was cut, I applied it to the fabric, it was inside the first holographic trim and it covered pretty good and at this point this is done. I have learned a lot from doing this and I will do it again. For now this is done,  my granddaughter is going to love this.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mother's Day Wine Glasses

After I etched a set of wine glasses for my daughter her mom's group asked if I would be able to do some for Mother's day.  It took me a little bit to come up with a design.  I actually used three designs I had in my Silhouette library.   I was really pleased with what I came up with and my daughter liked it and approved it.

Using some vinyl scraps I cut out my design.  Then weeded it, and placed it on the glass.  The glass was cleaned with alcohol before applying the design. The design was taped off with painters tape.

Then the etching creme was applied and I left it on for 30 mins. 
Once done, I rinsed in warm water.  Here is the end result, I am proud of what I came up with.