Friday, March 6, 2015

Seabee Nightlight

I started to decorate a night light with the Seabee emblem, I cut it a couple times and it just did not come out.  Then when I finally got it to cut, it was too big.  That was a few weeks ago and today, when I was cleaning my office/craft room I came across the green vinyl I was using for the project.

Once the craft room was all straightened up I decided to try again.  This time I slowed down the machine and it came out it was not easy to weed since it is so thin and small but, I did manage to get it.  My husband is a retired Navy Seabee Builder Chief and many things I do are for other people are they are for me and not him.  He is the one who actually mentioned a putting a Seabee on the night light.

Here it is with not light.
Here it is with the light on.  It is an automatic light that comes on at dusk but, there is not enough light in our hall so it never goes off.  We just plug it in when it is dark and then unplug it in the morning.  I like it with the green color and blue light. 

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