Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Etched wine glasses

My daughter belongs to a mom's group up in Virginia.  They are having a silent auction and I offered to donate something.  She decided on some wine glasses I asked if she wanted then etched or vinyl and she wanted them etched.  Then we talked about the design, I mentioned I had some birds on a branch.  I had five different designs and I took a screen shot and sent it to her for her to pick. 

She picked a bird with a heart. Once I got the size just right I cut it out using a scrap piece of vinyl the design is from the Silhouette store, it is  Design ID #74230 it is called bird flower vintage heart.

Here is a photo of it all weeded and ready to be etched.

 I have the etching creme on the wine glasses and I let them sit for 15 minutes.

Here is the end result, very pleased with how they turned out. now, I just need to get them mailed to her.

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